4 Ways to Decorate Banana Pudding

Banana pudding has been a popular dessert for years, and you may be eager to prepare it for your family or to share it with friends and neighbors at a special event. As delicious as the pudding is, it has a tendency to look like a yellow blob if it is served as-is. If you are looking for a great way to decorate banana pudding, consider some of these ideas.

Banana Pudding Pie

You can easily make your pudding look more appealing by smoothing it into a graham cracker pie crust. Whether you use a homemade banana pudding recipe or a mix, prepare the pudding as usual. After the pudding has set, spread it into the pie crust. Then you can use whipped cream, almond slivers, wafer cookies, and other decorative treats to make your banana pudding pie look as delicious as it tastes.

Banana Pudding Cups

A variation of the pie idea is to spoon the set pudding into clear serving cups. You could layer the pudding between wafer cookies or banana slices for an extra touch of tastiness. Place a dollop of whipping cream on top of the pudding. You can decorate the top of these cups with nuts, wafer cookies, and other items as well. Consider adding an extra touch of flavor with a drizzle of caramel or chocolate syrup.

Banana Pudding Layer Cake

Rather than using small pudding cups, you can carry the layering concept into a much larger bowl. Ideally, the bowl will be clear so that you can show off each decadent layer. Ensure that the layers of banana slices and wafer cookies are thick enough so that they are clearly visible through the side of the glass bowl. You may also use layers of sponge cake or other ingredients that you prefer. After you have added layers up to the top of the bowl, get creative with whipped cream, syrups, cookies and other ingredients to add the finishing touches.

Banana Pudding Sundaes or Splits

You can freeze the banana pudding so that it has a firmer consistency. It will not be as firm as ice cream. However, it should retain most of its shape when you scoop the chilled pudding out. You can directly substitute the pudding for ice cream in a sundae or a banana split dessert. Use your favorite toppings for these ingredients to give your banana pudding mouth-watering appeal.

You could simply prepare your banana pudding recipe and serve it in a glop, or you could use one of these creative ideas to dress it up. Feel free to get creative with add-ons by choosing your favorite ingredients.

Bradley Price