5 Global Street Foods You Can Make at Home

Traveling can be a gratifying experience that teaches you about different cultures and lifestyles, but let’s face it, the best part of it is always the food. The life-altering flavors, the ingredients you would never think to buy, the spices not even offered at your local supermarket; we can all attest to coming home from a vacation only to rave about the food rather than the sights. Why spend all that money on air-fare and lodging when you can make those experiential delights from your own kitchen? Here are our five favorite global street foods that you can make at home:

Aloo Tikki

It is impossible to go wrong with potatoes, and these savory patties take everything to the next level. This Indian street food is nourishing, warm, flavorful, and surprisingly easy to make at home! Pair it with your favorite condiments or as is, there is no way to go wrong!

Try this aloo tikki recipe.

Bahn Mi

This Vietnamese sandwich is a truly inspired food that is sure to please everyone in your family, and you probably already have most of the ingredients! For the tastiest and most authentic experience, make sure to skip the sandwich bread and opt for a beautiful picnic-worthy baguette!


Ramen has gained a lot of traction lately, and with great reason! This Japanese dish is a crowd favorite and can be tailored to anyone, no matter their dietary restrictions. Filled with noodles, vegetables, and protein, this easy at home recipe is like a warm, nourishing hug for your insides.

Banana Cue

This popular street dish from the Philippines is a wonderful at-home treat. Bananas are incredibly underrated and this recipe takes an ordinary fruit and turns into the most delicious dessert. Featuring bananas, oil, and sugar, there is no room for error in these sweet kabobs!


Street vendors all across the Middle East offer this delicious wrap that you can now eat from the comfort of your own home! A shawarma is like the traditional gyro that you know and love, but opts out of the tzatziki sauce and focuses on the meat instead. Any meat can be used, but chicken is the typical candidate for maximum yums!

Whether you love traveling or prefer to stay home, these global street foods will bring new flavors and life into your kitchen! Eating unites the whole world together, and it is such a beautiful act to try out the different flavors from places you’ve been or wish to go!

Bradley Price