Things You Can Combine With Peanut Butter to Make a Tasty Treat

Peanut butter crackers are a staple in kids’ lunches, but they aren’t always a go-to for adults. Don’t overlook this tasty addition to your pantry! Try these clever ways of incorporating them into your daily life.

1. In a No-Bake Cake

No one has time to bake an actual cake anymore, so turn to an old-fashioned recipe that calls for absolutely no oven time. An icebox cake can be a perfect answer to a potluck, bridal shower or impromptu gathering.

Create a creamy mixture for the cake’s base, such as peanut butter mixed with sugar and cream cheese. Spread it into a cake pan, and top it with a layer of peanut-butter crackers.

Continue to layer the cake as high as you like with other ingredients. Those crackers become the cake’s structure so that it stands tall during serving.

2. As a Complement to a Chocolate Fountain

Forget the strawberries. Turn to peanut-butter crackers for your next party’s chocolate fountain. The crackers are strong enough to withstand the chocolate’s weight without crumbling upon contact.

In fact, your host will love these crackers at the party because they won’t break apart into the fountain itself! Weak foods will put a damper on any party. Food in the fountain forces the host to shut off the entire machine. Be the party’s hero with strong crackers!

3. When Decorating a Decadent Cheesecake

Do you look at classic cheesecakes and wonder which toppings to add to them? Be inspired by pulling out your peanut-butter crackers. Crumble them on top of the cheesecake. Perform this addition either before or after it has set.

The crackers can withstand the setting process, and a few pieces might find their way into the cheesecake itself. Life is messy, so give your recipe something to sing about. Peanut butter will always be a treat.

4. As a Treat Alongside Finger-Food Veggies

Are you on a diet? Don’t fret when you’re at a party with a lot of junk food. Stake out your claim on the vegetables and healthy dip. However, bring along peanut-butter crackers to offset the veggies.

Although these crackers aren’t exactly health food, they can be part of a solid diet. Eat your vegetables with the dip. Nibble on one serving of crackers. The peanut butter’s protein will make you feel fuller for longer. Your diet can continue without any willpower breakdowns!

5. In a Thai-Inspired Chicken Dish

Thailand has hundreds of dishes that are often complemented with peanuts. Take a spin on the wild side by trying peanut-butter crackers as the breading on Thai fried chicken.

Combine crushed crackers, Asian seasonings, garlic and cilantro together. Give your chicken an egg or milk wash, and cover it in this peanut heaven.

Fry the chicken up for a taste sensation. Who could ever guess that these crackers are the answer to boring recipes?

Who said you had to play by the rules when it comes to peanut butter crackers? Remain a kid at heart by using these crackers as you see fit. A smile will creep across your face in no time.

Bradley Price