What Temperature do you Bake Salmon at in the Oven

Stuck on the same boring old salmon recipes? Tired of being told that the pink-fleshed fish is good for you with all those fancy omega 3 fatty acids but dread the thought of trying to figure out how to change up the flavor? Well, reel those lines in because I’ve got a fresh catch that will change your life (sorry, perhaps overly dramatic)!

Farmed vs Wild Caught Salmon

First things first, buy the quality stuff! No one likes a cheap-o–fork out (pun-intended) the extra cash and buy wild caught salmon. Not only is it better for you but the taste (in my humble opinion) is well worth a couple of extra dollars per pound. Farmed salmon isn’t on the same diet as wild caught salmon. Wild salmon eat mainly krill (tiny shrimp) and other small aquatic creatures, krill are pink, ergo the color of the salmon is pink. Farmed salmon have color added to give the flesh the same color. This is the reason the farmed salmon is an even darker pink. Kind of nasty right? If you’ve looked all over town and have only found farmed caught salmon, then grab your fishing pole because you must not settle! Haha jk, but really do try and give it a decent search effort, as there is no comparison when it comes to farmed vs wild caught salmon.

Oh so Miso!

Ever heard of miso? Top-level foodies are quite fond of this ultra flavorful fermented soybean paste. It’s even being used in desserts now–oh what a time to be alive! Not surprisingly, miso and salmon make a killer tasty duo. Simply combine a tablespoon of miso, a tablespoon of brown sugar, a teaspoon of soy, a squirt of fresh lime, and 3 smashed garlic cloves in a small bowl. Pour this heavenly mixture over your WILD CAUGHT (hopefully) salmon and pop that fishy on the grill. I prefer to let the flavor of the sauce soak in for a short while (20 minutes should suffice) and save a bit of sauce for pouring on after it’s been cooked. Easy, tasty, and totally out of the box.


DO NOT EVER overcook the salmon. Its a disrespect to the fish that gave its life. Overcooked salmon is dry and loses its flavor. Keep an eye on your scaly friend and once it looks a bit underdone from the cross-section (the thick part where the head was), take it off immediately. Call me eccentric, but raw salmon has the most flavor, therefore it should be slightly raw in the middle.

There you have it, a salmon recipe you haven’t tried. You’ll want to invite your guests over for this one. Or just eat it all yourself–completely understandable if you do. I won’t judge.

Bradley Price