How To Make A Brown Sugar Glaze For A Ham

Nothing is better for a family celebration than a festive dinner. It’s a great way to entice brothers, sisters, kids, in-laws and cousins from near and far to make the trip to your house. While turkey often takes center stage at Thanksgiving, ham is a favorite second meat that many people serve. It’s also a go-to choice for other special days such as Christmas and Easter. Today’s innovative kitchen technologies are making preparing it faster than ever without sacrificing any of the rich, delicious taste.

If you’re like many people, you probably bake your ham for hours in the oven. Perhaps you also make a sweet glaze to pour over the top that will augment the flavor. Whether you do or not, you can count on it taking hours for the ham to become fully cooked if you use this method.

If time is of the essence or you simply want to use your oven for other things, why not consider making pressure cooker holiday ham instead? Today’s pressure cookers are safe to use, with locking mechanisms that won’t release until the pressure has been lowered. With the help of a pressure cooker, you can actually make a beautiful, large ham in less than 10 minutes. Top it with a sweet glaze, close and lock the lid and you’re off and running. The moist, tender results will have everyone at your table singing your praises.

The next time your family gathers, make ham one of your main dishes. It pairs well with virtually any side dish and is great for left-overs for several days afterwards. Make it in the pressure cooker, and we predict you will never go back.

Bradley Price