Why you Need SMS Customer Support in Your Business

Sms customer support is a service that allows you to create a text-based messaging system for your customers. It is an affordable and convenient way of extending your business beyond the phone, email, and live chat options available today.

In this article, you will learn more about what sms customer support means in the context of your business, as well as how it can benefit both parties involved: customers and businesses alike.

What is SMS customer support as a service?

Sms customer support as a service is normally an outsourced, third-party service that allows you to provide text-based messages for your customers. This can be either an automated system for customers to receive replies and handle tickets via SMS text or a live and real-time messaging system whereby you can directly connect with your customers through live chat features. However, the messaging you could offer depends on how large your business is or how much money you want to spend on such communication. You will learn more about pricing options in the next section. You should also note that this type of communication is not the same as instant messaging.

How does it work?

Customer support text messaging is a form of instant messaging or email. Your customer would need to log into your service and create an account, where they can send you any message via text and receive replies via the same means. The possibilities for customization here are practically infinite: for example, you could allow customers to ask questions about your products, suggest ideas on how to improve your business, share feedback or communicate with each other in a more personal manner. There’s no limit to how many common chats or conversations can be created, either: while WhatsApp limits each chat message to only 160 characters, this is not the case regarding short SMS messages.

How sms customer support can help your business

Gone are the days where you were limited to the phone. You can rely on more than just a live support system and communication methods that require a lot of time and money. You can now reach out to your customers, create useful conversations with them.

Sms customer support as a service is a great tool for businesses of all sizes, even those with limited resources like sole proprietorships. It can help you grow your business, create stronger relationships with your customers and convert more leads into sales.

Your customers will not only appreciate it, but may even consider you to be their best friend.

Bradley Price